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The explosive growth of cyber-physical systems has rapidly and dramatically increased complexity all around us. These systems seamlessly intertwine computational algorithms and physical components providing organizations both tremendous opportunity and incredibly complex safety, security, and performance risks.  The issue is that traditional design and development methods do not adequately address the complexity of these intelligent, interconnected systems.

our solution

SSI is a privately held professional solutions firm headquartered in Metro Detroit.  Our engagements include small to large Fortune 500 businesses and the government. We partner with clients to design and institutionalize solutions for complex systems.

driving digital development

understanding complex cyber physical systems

shared understanding through systems modeling 

The Challenge

Driven to transform innovation digitally, we collaborate with clients to conceptualize and design for the deep interdependencies inherent in today's cyber-physical systems. We balance the art and science of systems engineering to creatively and digitally transform design and development. We provide leading expertise and proven model based methods to fully navigate solution space, uncover new design opportunities, manage complexity, and mitigate risks.